كتاب الطهارة

Book of Purity

1 - What the man says when he has entered the washroom
2 - What he says when he has exited from the privy
3 - Regarding the tasmiyya in the wuḍū
4 - Regarding what the man says when he has finished from his wuḍū
5 - Who said that no prayer is accepted save with a purification
6 - Maintaining the wuḍū and its virtue
7 - Regarding how many times the wuḍū is
8 - Running (the water) through the digits in the wuḍū
9 - Running (the water) through the beard
10 - Who did not run (the water) through his beard and said what flows upon it suffices you
11 - Regarding the washing of the beard in the wuḍū
12 - Regarding the wiping of the head, how many times it is
13 - Regarding how the wiping of the head is done
14 - Who said the ears are from the head
15 - Who would wipe the outside of his ears and their inside
16 - Regarding wiping upon the feet
17 - Who used to say: wash the feet
18 - Who said: take new water for your head
19 - Who would wipe his head with the leftover of his arms
20 - When one has forgotten to wipe his head and he finds wetness in his beard
21 - Who regarded wiping upon the turban
22 - Who did not regard the wiping upon it and wiped upon his head
23 - Regarding how the woman wipes her head
24 - Regarding the woman wiping upon her headdress
25 - Regarding the wuḍū with heated water
26 - Regarding the wuḍū by nabīdh
27 - Who would command thorough performance of the wuḍū
28 - Who would command the nose-rinsing
29 - Who would pray the prayers with a single wuḍū
30 - Who would do wuḍū whenever he prayed
31 - Regarding the wuḍū with the remaining drink of the donkey and the dog; who disliked it
32 - Who said there is no harm with the remaining drink of the donkey
33 - Regarding the wuḍū with the remaining drink of the horse and the camel
34 - The remaining drink of the chicken
35 - Who permitted wuḍū with the remaining drink of the cat
36 - Who said it does not suffice and the vessel is washed from it
37 - Regarding wuḍū by the leftover of the woman
38 - Who disliked doing wuḍū by the leftover of her wuḍū water
39 - Regarding the leftover drink of the menstruating woman
40 - Regarding the man and the woman doing ghusl with the same water
41 - Who disliked that
42 - Regarding wuḍū in the masjid
43 - Regarding wuḍū in the copper vessel
44 - Who would rinse his mouth and rinse his nose from a single handful
45 - Regarding the person from whose posterior worms emerge
46 - The man doing wuḍū beginning with his feet before his hands
47 - Regarding moving the ring in the wuḍū
48 - Regarding reflux in the wuḍū
49 - Who did not regard there to be a wuḍū in reflux