Wasa'il ash-Shi`a - A selection of chapters and narrations from Hurr al-`Amuli's Wasa'il ash-Shi`a, which is used as the primary compendium of hadiths for jurisprudential narrations among Twelver scholars

Amali Ahmad b. `Isa - A Zaydi collection of narrations by the 3rd century Kufan scholar Muhammad b. Mansur al-Kufi al-Muradi

Fii Nusrat al-Waqifa - a Waqifi hadith text extracted from Shaykh Tusi's Kitab al-Ghayba pertaining to the identity of the Qa'im, identifying him with Musa al-Kazhim

Ghiyath Sultan al-Wara - A brief collection of Twelver hadiths extracted from a work of Ibn Tawus on the topic of the permissibility of qada of the salat for the deceased

Kitab al-Imama wa 't-Tabsira min al-Hayra - A book of narrations in chapters about the Imams and the Imamate written by Shaykh Saduq's father, `Ali b. al-Husayn b. Babuwayh al-Qummi

Masa'il of `Ali b. Ja`far - A collection of reports on the authority of `Ali b. Ja`far, the youngest son of Ja`far as-Sadiq, narrating a series of legal questions and answers he posed to his brother Musa al-Kazhim

Musannaf 'Abd al-Razzaq - A very early compendium of prophetic hadiths as well as reports from various companions and tabi`een.

Musnad al-Imam Musa b. Ja`far - A collection of prophetic narration attributed to Musa al-Kazhim narrated during one of his imprisonments

Musnad Zayd b. `Ali - A book reported by Abu Khalid `Amr b. Khalid attributing its authorship to Zayd b. `Ali

Mustatrafat as-Sara'ir - A collection of brief early hadith texts (or extracts from them) as found quoted at the end of Ibn Idris al-Hilli's Kitab as-Sara'ir

Nawadir Ahmad b. `Isa al-Ash`ari - A collection of miscellaneous hadiths divided into chapters authored by the 3rd century Qummi scholar and authority Ahmad b. `Isa

Risalat al-Mut`a - A collection of narrations on the subject of mut`a (temporary marriage) from a work of Shaykh Mufid

Summary of the Acts of Worship - Based off the relevant section of Hurr al-`Amuli's al-Fusul al-Muhimma summarizing the acts of worship through hadiths with the isnads removed

Tibb an-Nabi - A brief collection of prophetic narrations on the topic of medicine and diet as found in Bihar al-Anwar (though the original work is from a Sunni scholar)

al-Usool as-Sitta `Ashar - An assortment of surviving Usool collections of hadiths which were notebooks of hadiths authored by companions of the Imams and their students

Miscellanious - Various narrations and extracts