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كتاب الطهارة

The Book of Purity

1 - (Preliminaries)
2 - Who disliked facing the qibla with defecation and urination
3 - What the siwak has been commanded with and its virtue
4 - Guarding oneself from urine
5 - Who said that there is no wudu for someone who did not pronounce the name (of Allah)
6 - What has been commanded by from istinja’
7 - The mouth-rinsing and the nose-rinsing
8 - What is recommended for the vessel for purification in the washroom
9 - Istinja’ from urine and flatulence and wudu from worms
10 - The characteristic of the wudu and its bounds
11 - Wiping the head and passing (water) through the fingers
12 - Wiping with the kerchief after the wudu
13 - Wudu with heated water
14 - Who said: No salat is accepted except with purification
15 - Purification (at-tuhur) for salat and what is said at it
16 - Thorough performance of the wudu and its virtue over adversities
17 - What one does wudu with and does ghusl from janaba with
18 - Who used to like to do wudu prior to the time and who preferred (doing) wudu for every salat
19 - The wudu of someone who has not had a hadath
20 - The dislike of wastefulness in water
21 - What of the hadath breaks the wudu
22 - Reflux and what has been mentioned regarding it
23 - Wudu from sleep
24 - The nosebleed and flowing blood
25 - Laughter in the salat
26 - Who prayed the prayers with a single wudu (and whether kissing breaks the wudu)
27 - Who did not do wudu from what the fire has touched
28 - Who commanded the group to all do wudu
29 - Madhi (pre-ejaculate), mani (semen), and wadi
30 - The junub who does ghusl prior to urinating
31 - The obligatory and sunan ghusl
32 - Description of the ghusl of janaba
33 - Who permitted separating of the ghusl
34 - Who said: When the two circumcised parts meet the ghusl has become obligatory
35 - The woman seeing in her dream and ejaculating (and continuation of the previous topic)
36 - Wudu for the possessor of pox and sores
37 - Wiping upon splints
38 - Who permitted for the man and his wife to do ghusl from janaba in a single vessel
39 - The su’r of the menstruating woman and the junub
40 - The ghusl of the woman from janaba and what obligates the ghusl
41 - The man having intercourse then doing it again
42 - The junub immersing in the water
43 - What of water wudu is done by and what is disliked
44 - The mud of rain
45 - Wudu from the water of the hammam
46 - Wudu with ice and scented water
47 - What falls in the wells and dies
48 - Who permitted the su’r of the riding animals
49 - Who permitted the urine of (animals) whose meat is eaten
50 - Who disliked wiping on the khimar (outer head veil)
51 - Semen, urine, and blood contacting the garment
52 - The nasal mucus of the riding animals contacting the garment
53 - The dribbling of urine (i.e. incontinence) and what has been mentioned regarding it
54 - Abscesses and sores
55 - The tayammum and its description
56 - The junub who is not able (to find) water or clean earth
57 - The man who becomes junub while there is only a little water with him
58 - The tayammum, which time it is, and how many salat one prays with tayammum