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باب في نخر الدواب يصيب الثوب

The nasal mucus of the riding animals contacting the garment

وبه قال: وحدثنا محمد، قال: حدثنا جعفر، عن قاسم بن إبراهيم في نخر الفرس والبغل والحمار يصيب الثوب: يغسل منه ما بان له أثر، وما لم يره فلا شيء عليه.  قال أبو جعفروكذلك أقول.

Ja`far narrated to us from Qasim b. Ibrahim regarding the nasal mucus of the horse, the mule, and the donkey contacting the garment: One washes from it whatever trace is evident for it, and what one does not see then there is nothing upon him.

Abu Ja`far said: And I say likewise.

Translator’s note: What has been translated here as nasal mucus is a guess as to its intended meaning, the Arabic word here being نخر, while in the al-Jami` al-Kafi it is reported as نجو or even نثر.