Ithna `Ashariyya

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The following are translations of some early and medieval Twelver Shi`i scholastic works in the domain of theology, fiqh, rijal, and so on (the hadith and tafsir sections of this site should be considered relevant to all sects of Shi`ism who share a belief in those Imams whose narrations have been included).

It should also be noted that some of the material here would be from an earlier stage of translating, and so may require heavier editing and improving in the future, in sha Allah.

Kitab al-Hidaya - Shaykh Saduq's book of the beliefs and laws

Fiqh ar-Rida - An early book of fiqh and hadiths attributed to `Ali b. Musa ar-Rida (authorship disputed)

Kitab al-Idah - Extract of a work attributed to the early Qat`i proto-Twelver scholar al-Fadl b. Shadhan (authorship disputed)

Awa'il al-Maqalat - Selected chapters from Shaykh Mufid's collection of theological doctrines

Masar ash-Shi`a - Shaykh Mufid's book of the months of the year, listing out historical dates of relevance to the Shi`a

ar-Risalat al-Ula fii 'l-Ghayba - Shaykh Mufid's first treatise on issues of the ghayba

Mas'ala fi 'n-Nass `Ali - 1 - Shaykh Mufid's first treatise on issues of the designation (nass) of `Ali b. Abi Talib

al-Masa'il as-Sarawiyya - Extract of a work attributed to Shaykh Mufid (authorship disputed)

Kitab al-Ishraf - Shaykh Mufid's treatise summarizing the laws of the acts of worship

Mukhtasar `Aqa'id - al-Karajaki's summary of the points of belief in the religion

Rijal al-Fadl b. Shadhan - Extracted reports from al-Fadl b. Shadhan in regards to various rijal

Abwab an-Nisa - Chapters on the women companions/narrators as extracted from Shaykh Tusi’s book of rijal.

Rijal al-Kashshi - Selected chapters from the Rijal of al-Kashshi as found in Shaykh Tusi's summary of it, Ikhtiyar Ma`rifat ar-Rijal

Kitab ad-Du`afa Ibn Ghada'iri - Ibn al-Ghada'iri's book of rijal, on the da`if (weak) narrators

Mustadrak Ibn al-Ghada'iri - Material quoted from Ibn al-Ghada'iri by others but not found in the above work