Kitab al-Hidaya

Abu Ja`far Muhammad b. `Ali b. al-Husayn b. Musa b. al-Babuwayh al-Qummi

By the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Praise be to Allah to whom is the Creation and the Command.  He is the best of creators.  And may Allah bless Muhammad, seal of the prophets, and his righteous family, all of them.

Chapter 1 - What is necessary to believe regarding Tawhid, from the meanings of the reports of the Prophet and the Imams صلوات الله عليهم أجمعين

Chapter 2 - Prophethood

Chapter 3 - Imamate

Chapter 4 - Recognition of the Imams, who are the Proofs of Allah upon His creation after His Prophet صلوات الله عليه وعليهم by their names

Chapter 5 - Taqiyya

Chapter 6 - Islam (submission) and Iman (faith)

Chapter 7 - Commanding to good and forbidding from evil (al-amr bil-ma`ruf wa ‘n-nahy `an al-munkar)

Chapter 8 - Struggle (al-jihad) in the path of Allah

Chapter 9 - The Pillars upon which Islam is built

Chapter 10 - Intention (an-niyyah)

Chapter 11 - Waters

Chapter 12 - Wudu

Chapter 13 - The siwak

Chapter 14 - Tayammum

Chapter 15 - Aghsal (pl. of ghusl)

Chapter 16 - Ghusl of janaba

Chapter 17 - Ghusl of hayd (menstruation)

Chapter 18 - Ghusl of the nafsa (women undergoing nifas, lochia/post-childbirth bleeding)

Chapter 19 - Ghusl of the day of Jum`a (Friday)

Chapter 20 - Ghusl of the deceased

Chapter 21 - The sunna in regards to the camphor (al-kafur)

Chapter 22 - The reward of escorting the funeral (janaza) of a believer

Chapter 23 - Prayer over the deceased

Chapter 24 - What to say when looking at the grave

Chapter 25 - Insertion of the deceased into the grave

Chapter 26 - What is said upon entering the grave

Chapter 27 - What is said during the handling of the deceased

Chapter 28 - The placing of the deceased in the tomb

Chapter 29 - What is said when the deceased is placed in the tomb

Chapter 30 - What is said during the putting of the milk upon the tomb

Chapter 31 - What is said upon exiting from the grave

Chapter 32 - Pouring the water upon the grave

Chapter 33 - Visiting (ziyarat) the grave of the believer

Chapter 34 - Offering condolences (at-ta`ziyya)

Chapter 35 - The saying upon entering the graveyard

Chapter 36 - Ways of salat

Chapter 37 - Virtue of salat

Chapter 38 - Obligations (fara’id) of the salat

Chapter 39 - The time of zhuhr and `asr

Chapter 40 - The time of maghrib and `isha

Chapter 41 - Time of the early morning salat (salat al-ghada, i.e. fajr)

Chapter 42 - The adhan and the iqama

Chapter 43 - Number of rak`at in the day and night

Chapter 44 - Entering the mosque

Chapter 45 - The tahrim of the salat and its tahlil

Chapter 46 - The recitation (al-qira'a)

Chapter 47 - What is said in the last two rak`a

Chapter 48 - Ruku` and sujud

Chapter 49 - The bones on which the sujud takes place

Chapter 50 - Inadvertence (as-sahw) in salat

Chapter 51 - The places in which salat is disliked to be done

Chapter 52 - What sujud is permissible upon and is not permissible

Chapter 53 - What salat is permissible in and what is not permissible

Chapter 54 - Tasbih of Fatima az-Zahra عليها السلام after the farida

Chapter 55 - Salat of the traveler

Chapter 56 - Virtue of the congregation (al-jama`a)

Chapter 57 -  Who is prayed behind and who is not prayed behind

Chapter 58 - Salat of the ship

Chapter 59 - Salat of the night (salat al-layl)

Chapter 60 - Salat of the eclipse

Chapter 62 - Salat of need (salat al-hajja)

Chapter 64 - What from which the salat is repeated

Chapter 65 - The prayers in which the tawajjuh is a sunna

Chapter 67 - The prayers which are prayed in all times

(to be continued, in sha Allah)