Chapter 14

باب التيمم


من كان جنبا أو على غير وضوء ووجبت الصلاة ولم يجد الماء فليتيمم ، كما قال الله عز وجل: (فتيمموا صعيدا طيبا، والصعيدالموضع المرتفع، والطيبالذي ينحدر عنه الماء .

One who is junub or who has not performed wudu and salat has become obligatory, but has not found water, then he is to perform tayammum as Allah عز وجل said “So betake yourself to wholesome earth.”  “Earth” (sa’eed) (means) the elevated place; and “wholesome” (at-tayyib) (means) that from which the water descends (place curved downwards).

والتيممهو أن يضرب الرجل بيديه على الأرض مرة واحدة، وينفضهما، ويمسح بهما جبينيه  وحاجبيه، ويمسح على ظهر كفيه .

The tayammum is that a man strikes his hands on the earth one time, shakes them off, and wipes his forehead and his eyebrows with them, and wipes the upper part of his hands.

والنظر إلى الماء ينقض التيمم .

Sighting water breaks the tayammum.

ولا بأس أن يصلي الرجل بتيمم واحد صلوات  الليل والنهار كلها، ما لم يحدث أو يصب ماء .

There is no harm with the man performing all of the prayers of the night and day with a single tayammum, as long as he does not have a hadath (i.e. as long as he does not break his wudu) or comes upon water.

ومن تيمم وصلى، ثم وجد الماء فقد مضت صلاته، فليتوضأ لصلاة أخرى .

One who does a tayammum and prays, and then found some water, his salat has passed by (i.e. he does not need to repeat it).  He is to do wudu for the other salat.

ومن كان في مفازة ولم يجد الماء ولم يقدر على التراب، وكان معه لبد  جاف، نفضه  وتيمم منه، أو من عرف  دابته .

One who is in a desert and cannot find water and is not able to use dirt, but has a dry wool (libd) with him (i.e. the wool that would be placed under the saddle), he will shake it off and do tayammum from it, or from the mane of his mount.

ومن أصابته جنايةفخاف على نفسه التلف إن اغتسل، فإنه إن كان جامع فليغتسل وإن أصابه ما أصابه، وإن احتلم فليتيمم .

One who has become junub but fears harm for himself if he does a ghusl, if it was due to sexual intercourse then he must perform the ghusl no matter what should afflict him.  And if it was due to a nocturnal emission, then he is to do tayammum.

والمجدور إذا أصابته جنابة يؤمم لأن مجدورا أصابته جنابة على عهد رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلمفغسل فمات، فقال رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم): أخطأتم، ألا يممتموه . 

If the person who has smallpox (majdur) becomes junub, then he will perform tayammum, for during the time of the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله a man who had smallpox and became junub performed ghusl and then died.  So the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وآله said: You (pl.) have erred.  Indeed you caused him to die.”