Chapter 29

باب ما يقال إذا وضع الميت في اللحد

What is said when the deceased is placed in the tomb

قال الصادق (عليه السلام): يقول من يضع الميت في لحده اللهم جاف الأرض عن جنبيه، وأصعد إليك روحه، ولقه منك رضوانا .

as-Sadiq عليه السلام said: The one who places the deceased in his tomb says “Allahumma, dry the earth from his sides, and ascend his soul unto You, and have him meet (his death) in satisfaction from You.”

ثم يضع يده اليسرى على منكبه الأيسر، ويدخل يده اليمنى تحت منكبه الأيمن، ويحركه تحريكا شديدا، ويقوليا فلان بن فلان، الله ربك ومحمد نبيك، والإسلام دينك، (والقرآن كتابك، والكعبة قبلتك، وعلي وليك وإمامك، ويسمي الأئمة واحدا واحدا إلى آخرهم، حتى ينتهي إلى القائم (عليه السلام)، أئمتك أئمة (هدى أبرار) . ثم يعيد عليه التلقين مرة أخرى .

Then he places his left hand on his left shoulder, and inserts his right hand under his right shoulder, and he shakes him with a heavy shaking, saying “O so-and-so son of so-and-so, Allah is your Lord and Muhammad is your prophet.  And Islam is your religion, the Quran is your book, and the Ka`ba is your qibla.  And `Ali is your wali and your Imam - and he names the Imams one by one until the last of them, until he reaches the Qa’im عليه السلام – your Imams are the pious Imams of guidance.  Then he repeats the instruction to him another time.