Chapter 30

باب ما يقال عند وضع اللبن (على اللحد)

What is said during the putting of the milk upon the tomb

(قال الصادق (عليه السلام): إذا وضعت اللبن على اللحد فقل:)  اللهم آنس وحشته، وصل وحدته، وارحم غربته، وآمن روعته، وأسكن إليه (من رحمتك رحمة واسعة، يستغني بها عن رحمة من سواك، واحشره مع من كان يتولاه. وتقول متى  (زرت قبره)  هذا القول .

as-Sadiq عليه السلام said: When you put the milk on the tomb, say “Allahumma,  keep him company in his solitude, and join (him in) his loneliness, and have mercy on his estrangement, and reassure (him in) his alarm.  And calm him from Your mercy (with) a wide mercy, by it making him needless of mercy from anyone other than You.  And gather him with whoever he was loyal to.”  And you say this saying whenever you visit his grave.