Chapter 31

باب ما يقال عند الخروج من القبر

What is said upon exiting from the grave

قال الصادق (عليه السلام): إذا خرجت من القبر فقل وأنت تنفض يديك من الترابإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون.

as-Sadiq عليه السلام said: When you exit from the grave, say while you are shaking off the dirt from your hands “Verily we belong to Allah and verily to Him we are returning.”

ثم احث التراب عليه بظهر كفيك ، ثلاث مرات، وقلاللهم إيمانا بك، وتصديقا بكتابك، هذا ما وعدنا الله ورسوله، (وصدق الله ورسوله) . فإنه من فعل ذلك وقال هذه الكلمات، كتب الله له  بكل ذرة حسنة .

Then, disperse the dirt upon him with the top of your hands, three times, and say “Allahumma, believing in You, confirming Your book, this is what Allah and His Messenger promised us, [and Allah and His Messenger told the truth.]”  For verily whoever does that and says these words, Allah writes a good deed for him with every particle (of dirt).