Chapter 32

باب صب الماء على القبر

Pouring the water upon the grave

إذا سوي  قبر الميت فصب على قبره الماء، وتجعل القبر أمامك وأنت مستقبل القبلة، وتبدأ بصب الماء من عند رأسه، وتدور به على قبره من أربعة جوانب  حتى ترجع إلى  الرأس من غير أن تقطع الماء، فإن فضل من الماء شئ فصبه على وسط القبر .

When the grave of the deceased is leveled out, then pour water upon his grave.  Put his grave in front of you while you are facing the qibla, and begin with pouring the water from his head, and circle his grave with it (i.e. clockwise) from the four sides until you return to the head without cutting off the water. And if there is some water left over, then pour it on the middle of the grave.

وقال الصادق (عليه السلام): الرش  بالماء على القبر حسن - يعني في كل وقت - .

as-Sadiq عليه السلام said: Sprinkling water over the grave is good – meaning in every time.