Chapter 33

باب زيارة قبر المؤمن

Visiting (ziyarat) the grave of the believer

قال الرضا (عليه السلام) : من زار قبر مؤمن فقرأ عنده (إنا أنزلناهسبع مرات، غفر الله له ولصاحب القبر .

ar-Rida عليه السلام said: Whoever visits the grave of a believer and recites inna anzalnahu (surat al-qadr) at it seven times, Allah forgives him and the owner of the grave.

ومن يزور القبر يستقبل القبلة، ويضع يده على القبر ، إلا أن يزور إماما، فإنه يجب أن يستقبله بوجهه، ويجعل ظهره، إلى  القبلة .

And one who visits the grave faces the qibla and places his hand on the grave, unless he is visiting an Imam.  For (in that case) it is obligatory to face it with his face and put his back to the qibla.