Chapter 39

باب وقت الظهر والعصر

The time of zhuhr and `asr

قال الصادق (عليه السلام): إذا زالت الشمس فقد دخل وقت الصلاتين، إلا أن بين يديهما  سبحة ، فإن شئت طولت وإن شئت قصرت .

as-Sadiq عليه السلام said: When the sun has declined the time of the two salat has entered, except that there be a subha (i.e. the nafila salat) between them, so if you want to you (may) prolong and if you want to you (may) shorten.

(وقال (عليه السلام): أول الوقت زوال الشمس، وهو وقت الله الأول، وهو أفضلهما)  .

And he عليه السلام said: The beginning (lit. first) of the time is the declining of the sun (zawal ash-shams, i.e. past midday, when the sun declines away from its central meridian), and it is the first time of Allah.  And it is the best of them (both).

وقال (عليه السلام) : إذا زالت الشمس فتحت أبواب السماء، فلا أحب أن يسبقني أحد بالعمل  (الصالح، إني  أحب  أن تكون صحيفتي أول صحيفة يكتب فيها (العمل الصالح)  .

And he عليه السلام said: When the sun declines the gates of Heaven open.  So I do not love for anyone to precede me to the righteous act.  Verily I love that my sahifa be the first sahifa in which the righteous act is written.

وقال (عليه السلام): ما يأمن أحدكم الحدثان  في ترك الصلاة، وقد دخل وقتها وهو فارغ .

And he عليه السلام said: None of you are safe in regards to the abandonment of salat from the two events (i.e. death) while its time has entered and he is idle.

فأول وقت الظهر من زوال الشمس إلى أن يمضي قدمان، ووقت العصر من حين  يمضي قدمان من زوال الشمس إلى أن تغيب الشمس .

So the beginning of the time of zhuhr is the declining of the sun until it passes two feet.  And the time of `asr is from when it passes two feet from the declining of the sun until the sun disappears.

وقال (عليه السلام): فضل  الوقت الأول على الآخر كفضل الآخرة على الدنيا .

And he عليه السلام said: The virtue of the beginning of the time over the end is as the virtue of the hereafter over the dunya.