Chapter 50

باب السهو في الصلاة

Inadvertence (as-sahw) in salat

قال الصادق (عليه السلام): إن شككت أنك  لم تؤذن وقد أقمت فامض ، وإن شككت في الإقامة بعد ما كبرت فامض، وإن شككت في القراءة بعد ما ركعت فامض، وإن شككت في الركوع بعد ما سجدت فامض، وكل شئ تشك  فيه وقد دخلت في حالة أخرى فامض، ولا تلتفت إلى الشك، إلا أن تستيقن .

as-Sadiq عليه السلام said:  If you doubt that you had not called the adhan and you have done the iqama then go on (i.e. ignore the doubt and continue as you were).  And if you doubt about to the iqama after you have done the takbir then go on.  And if you doubt about to the qira’at after you have done ruku` then go on.  And if you doubt about to the ruku` after you have done sujud then go on.  And everything about which you doubt while you have entered into another state then go on.  And do not pay attention to doubt unless you become certain.

وقال الصادق (عليه السلاملعمار بن موسىيا عمار، أجمع لك السهو كله  في كلمتينمتى ما  شككت فخذ بالأكثر، فإذا سلمت فأتم ما ظننت أنك نقصت .

And as-Sadiq عليه السلام said to `Ammar b. Musa: O `Ammar, I will summarize inadvertence for you, all of it, in two remarks: whenever you doubt then take hold of the most, so when you have done taslim then complete what you suspected you had  decreased.  (translator’s note: for instance, if you doubt whether you are in the third or fourth rak`a, then assume it to be the fourth, and after you have done the taslim do another rak`a)