Chapter 51

باب المواضع التي تكره فيها الصلاة

The places in which salat is disliked to be done

تكره الصلاة في  القبور، والماء، والحمام، وقرى النمل، ومعاطن  الإبل، ومجرى الماء، والسبخة، (وفي ذات)  الصلاصل، ووادي الشقرة، ووادي ضجنان ، ومسان الطرق ، وفي بيت فيه التماثيل ، إلا أن تكون بعين واحدة، أو  قد غير رؤوسها .

Salat is disliked in the graves, water, the hammam, villages of ants (ant colonies?), the lying down places of camels, the channel of water (i.e. of a river), the swamp, in Dhat as-Salasil, the Wadi ash-Shaqra and the Wadi Dajnan (translator's note: these three are places on the road to Mecca, they were places that had been usurped), the travelled roads, in a house in which there are statues unless they are with a single eye or their heads have been altered.