Chapter 57

باب من يصلى خلفه، ومن لا يصلى خلفه

 Who is prayed behind and who is not prayed behind

لا تصل  خلف أحد إلا خلف رجلين، أحدهمامن  تثق  بدينه وورعه، وآخر : تتقي سيفه وسوطه وشناعته (على الدين، فصل خلفه على سبيل التقية والمداراة، وأذن لنفسك وأقم  واقرأ لها ، غير مؤتم به .

Do not pray behind anyone except for two men.  The first of them: someone whose religion and piety you trust.  And the other: (someone) whose sword, lash and abomination against the religion you fear, so pray behind him by way of taqiyya and deception.  Call the adhan for yourself, do the iqama and do qira’at for it, without being a follower with him.

وإن فرغت من قراءة السورة قبله، فأبق منها آية، ومجد  الله، فإذا ركع الإمام فاقرأ الآية واركع بها ، وإن لم تلحق القراءة وخشيت أن  يركع، فقل ما حذفه الإمام من الأذان والإقامة واركع .

And if you finish from the recitation of the sura prior to him, then retain an aya from it, and magnify Allah, and when the imam does ruku` then recite the aya and do ruku` with it.  And if you do not catch up to (or, reach) the qira’at and you fear that he is doing ruku`, then say what the imam deleted out from the adhan and iqama and do ruku`.