Chapter 1 - Wudu

Chapter 2 - Aghsal (pl. of ghusl)

Chapter 3 - Doubtful blood

Chapter 4 - The junub dyeing

Chapter 5 - Istinja

Chapter 6 - Clothing which urine comes in contact with

Chapter 7 - What obligates the ghusl of janaba

Chapter 8 - A well that the water of the road enters

Chapter 9 - Quantity of water for the wudu and the ghusl

Chapter 10 - The woman whose menstruation is held back

Chapter 11 - The ruling of madhi

Chapter 12 - The junub and the menstruating woman touching dirhams

Chapter 13 - Washing a garment stained with menstrual blood

Chapter 14 - A wet mouse or a pig contacting one’s clothing

Chapter 15 - When the menstruating woman becomes pure in the afternoon before sunset, what she is to pray

Chapter 16 - Whether a woman whose menstruation has ended may have intercourse prior to doing her ghusl

Chapter 17 - Yellowness seen after the cessation of the menstrual blood

Chapter 18 - The menstruating woman dyeing herself

Chapter 19 - A pregnant woman seeing blood

Chapter 20 - Nifas (post-partum bleeding, lochia)

Chapter 21 - A man who urinates and forgets to wash then does wudu

Chapter 22 - The eunuch seeing wetness

Chapter 23 - A well in which blood or nabidh has fallen in

Chapter 24 - A well in which a pigeon or a sheep or a dog has fallen in

Chapter 25 - Non impurification of kurr water by contact with najasa

Chapter 26 - Ruling of a well close in proximity to a washroom

Chapter 27 - Washing the hands after sleep

Chapter 28 - Rain water mixing with impurities

Chapter 29 - The wash-water of the people in the hammam

Chapter 30 - Insertion of a medicine does not break the wudu

Chapter 31 - The ghusl of day of Jum`a

Chapter 32 - Water in a vessel warmed by the sun

Chapter 33 - A man doing ghusl with the rain

Chapter 34 - Doubtful, scattered and scarce water for wudu and ghusl