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Some chapters on the topic of knowledge selected from Basa'ir ad-Darajat

Part One

Chapter 1 - Regarding knowledge, that it is an obligation upon mankind

Chapter 2 - The reward of the learned and the learner

Chapter 3 - 
On the recognition of the learned whom (if) one recognizes him, one recognizes Allah, and (if) one denies him, one denies Allah ta`ala, and the cause by which his (His?) recognition is accorded

Chapter 4 - The virtue of the learned person over the worshipper

Chapter 5 -  Mankind becomes three: a learned person, a learner, and scum, and the Imams from the Family of Muhammad صلوات الله عليهم are the learned ones, their Shi`a are the learners, and the rest of mankind are scum

Chapter 6 - Mankind has not been commanded to seek knowledge but from its source, and its source is the Family of Muhammad عليهم السلام

Part Six

Chapter 14 - With the Imams are the roots (usool) of knowledge of what they inherited of it from the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله).  They do not say by their view (i.e. opinion) 

Chapter 15 - With the Imams is all of what is in the Book and the Sunna, and they do not say by their view and their Shi`a have not been permitted that

Part Ten

Chapter 22 - Regarding one who does not recognize the hadith so he rejects it

Some selected narrations from chapters in al-Kafi from the Book of Virtue of Knowledge

Chapter 1 - The imperative of knowledge and the obligatoriness of seeking it and urging it

Chapter 2 - The attribute of knowledge and its virtue, and the virtue of the learned

Chapter 4 - The reward of the learned and the learner

Chapter 5 - The attribute of the learned

Chapter 7 - The loss of the learned

Chapter 9 - Asking the learned and conferring with him

Chapter 11 - The prohibition of professing without knowledge

Chapter 15 - The necessity of proof upon the learned and the intensity of the affair upon him

Chapter 16 - Miscellaneous traditions

Chapter 17 - The narrating of books and hadith

Chapter 18 - Taqlid