Nawadir Ahmad b. `Isa al-Ash`ari

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


أبو جعفر أحمد بن محمد بن عيسى الاشعري القمي


Abu Ja`far Ahmad b. Muhammad b. `Isa al-Ash`ari al-Qummi (d. 3rd century AH)

Chapter 1 - Virtue of the fast of Sha`ban and its connecting with Ramadan

Chapter 2 - What is disliked for the fasting person in his fast

Chapter 3 - What from the vow and the oath that is not binding and does not obligate atonement for it

Chapter 4 - The vows and oaths which bind its possessor to atonement

Chapter 5 - One who makes something for Allah upon himself and he is not able to do it, and what suffices him from that

Chapter 6 - Who disliked swearing by Allah

Chapter 7 - Taking an oath from the people of the book

Chapter 8 - Istithna (saying “in sha Allah”) in the oath

Chapter 9 - The atonements (al-kaffarat) in the oaths, how it is rendered and what is permissible in it

Chapter 10 - The atonement of killing

Chapter 11 - The atonement of zhihar

Chapter 12 - The atonement of the one who had intercourse with his wife in the month of Ramadan or broke his fast on purpose or not on purpose and the atonement in it

Chapter 13 - The atonement of the weak and the sick and the elder

Chapter 14 - The atonement of the person in ihram when they seek shade due to an illness or otherwise and cover their face

Chapter 15 - The atonement for the person in ihram who shaves his head and hair or lice fall from him and what is upon him in that

Chapter 16 - Falsification in marriage and what by which the woman is returned

Chapter 17 - Mut`a marriage and its conditions

Chapter 18 - The permissibility of the man making his slave girl lawful for someone else

Chapter 19 - Marrying the daughter of (the woman) who one has committed lewdness with, and her sister, and her mother

Chapter 20 - The man whose wife dies or he divorces her prior to having intercourse with her and he marries her mother or her daughter

Chapter 21 - What is forbidden for the man of what his father had intercourse with and what is lawful for him

Chapter 22 - Marrying the woman upon her paternal aunt and her maternal aunt, and the ruling of the divorced women

Chapter 23 - What of women becomes forbidden to the man and so will never be lawful for him

Chapter 24 - Permissibility of marrying the thrice-divorced woman after the muhallil

Chapter 25 - Permissibility of the mahr being on credit

Chapter 26 - Impermissibility of marrying the slave woman upon the freewoman, and the Christian woman and the Jewish woman upon the Muslim woman, and the permissibility of the reverse

Chapter 27 - Marrying of the emancipator to his emancipated slave woman

Chapter 28 - `Idda of the divorced women

Chapter 29 - Marrying the Murji’i woman and other than her

Chapter 30 - Marrying the fornicatress

Chapter 31 - The rites

Chapter 32 - Slander of the tongue and the hudud

Chapter 33 - Diyyat (blood money)

Chapter 34 - Wounds

Chapter 35 - Qasama

Chapter 36 - Earnings: the forbidden and lawful, trade and hiring out

Chapter 37 - Atonement for the oath