Chapter 34

باب الجراحات


403 – في الجايفة ثلث الدية، وهي التي تبلغ الجوف، وكذلك في المأمومة وهي التي تبلغ ام الدماغ، والمنقلة خمس عشر وهي التي تنقل منها العظام. وفي الشجة التي لم توضح وقد كادت أن توضح أربع من الابل، والموضحة التي توضح العظام، ودية السن خمس من الابل، ودية الاصبع عشرون من الابل

403 – In the ja’ifa (a spear wound and the like) there is a third of the diyya, and it is what reaches the abdomen (or: inside), and thus is the ma’muma (a wound by which the head is broken) and it is what reaches the umm ad-dimagh (the thin skin in which the brain is contained).  And the muniqqila (a head wound by which bone is removed) is fifteen and it is that from which bone is removed.  And in the shajja (a single act to break one’s head so as to cleave its skin or its flesh, a face wound) which is not manifest while it is close to being manifest is four from camels, and the mudiha (a wound by which the head or face is broken that manifests the whiteness of the bone or that removes the skin between the flesh and bone) which manifests bone.  And the diyya of the tooth is five from camels, and the diyya of fingers is twenty from camels. 

404 – وقال أبو جعفر عليه السلام: في الرجل يضرب المرأة فتطرح النطفة: عليه عشرون دينارا، فإن كانت علقة فعليه أربعون دينارا، فإن كانت مضغة فعليه ستون دينارا، فإن كانت عظاما فعليه الديه.

404 – And Abu Ja`far عليه السلام said regarding the man who hits the woman so the nutfa is discarded: Twenty dinars are upon him.  And if it was an `alaqa then forty dinars are upon him.  And if it was a mudgha then sixty dinars are upon him.  And if it was an `izham, then the diyya is upon him.

Translator’s note: these refer to different embryonic stages.