Chapter 1 - Without intercourse there is no `idda and no right of return for the husband to revoke the divorce

Chapter 2 - `Idda and pre-menstrual girls

Chapter 3 - `Idda of the post-menopausal woman

Chapter 4 - `Idda of women of uncertain menstrual periods

Chapter 5 - `Idda of the mustahada

Chapter 6 - `Idda of an aged woman who only has one menstruation and then enters menopause

Chapter 7 - Meaning of a doubt in regards to menstrual habit and `idda

Chapter 8 - `Idda of khul` and mubara’a

Chapter 9 - `Idda of the pregnant woman

Chapter 10 - `Idda of a woman pregnant with twins

Chapter 11 - Elapsing of the `idda of a woman who delivers a stillborn

Chapter 12 - `Idda of a woman who has normal menstruation is three quru’

Chapter 13 - The `idda of a woman who menstruates once every two or three months

Chapter 14 - Meaning of the qar’

Chapter 15 - When the `idda is terminated in regards to the third menstruation

Chapter 16 - When the divorced woman observing `idda by the aqra’ may remarry

Chapter 17 - When a menstruation precedes its habitual time

Chapter 18 - Where the divorcee is to observe her `idda

Chapter 19 - If the divorcee wants to do a visitation while she is in `idda

Chapter 20 - Maintenance and habitation provided for the divorcee who is observing an `idda with return, not for the one with immediate separation

Chapter 21 - Recommendation for the woman in `idda to adorn herself for her husband in the hope of reconciliation

Chapter 22 - Whether a woman observing `idda can perform hajj

Chapter 23 - That a woman who commits a flagrant indecency is ejected from her house in the `idda

Chapter 24 - A woman’s claim to her `idda being completed being accepted

Chapter 25 - `Idda of the woman who claims to be pregnant

Chapter 26 - When the `Idda of a woman who was divorced while her husband was absent from her commences

Chapter 27 - If a woman is divorced but only comes to know of it a year or so later

Chapter 28 - If the husband dies while absent from his wife and the news of it reaches her later

Chapter 29 - Habits of mourning during the `idda for the woman whose husband has died

Chapter 30 - The `idda of the woman whose husband has died being four months and ten days

Chapter 31 - The `idda of a pregnant woman whose husband died

Chapter 32 - Where the woman whose husband has died observes her `idda

Chapter 33 - The woman whose husband has died going out for hajj and other needs

Chapter 34 - Moving from one house to another during the `idda of the widow

Chapter 35 - `Idda of a woman whose husband died prior to having intercourse with her

Chapter 36 - .If one of the spouses dies while the woman is observing `idda from divorce

Chapter 37 - Regarding a woman to whom it is falsely reported that her husband has died or divorced her and so remarries

Chapter 38 - Regarding a woman to whom it is falsely reported that her husband has died and so remarries, then the first husband returns and both husbands divorce her

Chapter 39 - `Idda of a woman who was married to a castrated man who then divorced her

Chapter 40 - `Idda of divorce for slave women

Chapter 41 - `Idda of a freewoman when she is married to a slave and he divorces her

Chapter 42 - `Idda of the slave woman whose husband or master dies

Chapter 43 - `Idda of the slave woman who is freed by her master after he had intercourse with her

Chapter 44 - `Idda after fornication for one who repents and seeks to marry

Chapter 45 - `Idda of a divorced and widowed Christian woman if a Muslim wants to marry her

Chapter 46 - `Idda of Christian-owned Christian slave woman who accepts Islam

Chapter 47 - If a man has four wives and divorces one, when he can marry another

Chapter 48 - If a man divorces his wife, or she undergoes khul`, or was irrevocably divorced, or she died, when it is allowed for him to marry her sister

Chapter 49 - When a divorced pregnant woman is allowed to remarry and when the new husband is allowed to have intercourse with her

Chapter 50 - If a slave woman is divorced and then emancipated during her `idda

Chapter 51 - `Idda of the mudabbara when her master has died

Chapter 52 - `Idda of the wife in mut`a if her husband dies

Chapter 54 - Istibra’ of a slave girl when purchased by a single menstruation