Habits of the faster

أبواب آداب الصائم 

Chapters on the Habits of the Faster

Chapter 1 - Desirability of concealing one’s fast, but not lying about it

Chapter 2 - Desirability of the midday nap (al-qaylula) for the faster

Chapter 4 - Desirability of the suhur for someone who wants to fast, and its emphasis during the month of Ramadan, and its non-obligatoriness

Chapter 5 - Desirability of doing suhur with fine flour, dates, raisins and water

Chapter 7 -  Desirability of preceding the salat upon the breaking of the fast (al-iftar) unless there is someone there who is waiting for his iftar or one’s self is contending with him towards it

Chapter 10 - Desirability of breaking one’s fast (al-iftar) upon the sweet or ripe dates or water – specifically the frigid (water) – or dried dates or sugar or raisins or milk or sawiq (barley porridge)

Chapter 13 -  Dislike of reciting poetry at night, and during the fast, and during the month of Ramadan, even if it is a true poem