What the faster is to refrain from and the time of imsak

ابواب ما يمسك عنه الصائم ووقت الإمساك

Chapters on what the faster is to refrain from and the time of imsak

Chapter 1 - The obligatoriness of abstaining from food and drink and the non-invalidation of the fast by anything other than the stipulated muftirat (things that break the fast)

Chatper 2 - The obligatoriness of the faster refraining from lying against Allah and against His Messenger and against the Imams عليهم السلام, and from backbiting, and the ruling of qada should one do so

Chapter 3 - Immersing the head in water, pouring it on it, bathing, wearing wet garments, and cooling with water

Chapter 4 - The obligatoriness of the faster refraining from sexual intercourse and ejaculation by foreplay and its like, and the obligatoriness of the kaffara with them should he do so

Chapter 5 - Insertion of medicine/enema while fasting

Chapter 6 - No qada for submersion under water

Chapter 7 - Medicine administered via the nose

Chapter 8 - Atonement for intentionally breaking one’s fast in the month of Ramadan

Chapter 9 - Someone who forgetfully does something that would break a fast

Chapter 12 - Atonements and lashings for having intercourse while fasting

Chapter 13 - Narrations indicating that there is no qada or kaffara for entering fajr while junub

Chapter 14 - One who becomes junub at night but is delayed from performing the ghusl until dawn waiting for the water to get warm or to draw the water from the well

Chapter 15 - One who becomes junub during the night but falls back asleep before doing ghusl until fajr sets in

Chapter 16 - Narrations indicating that there is qada and kaffara for intentionally entering fajr while junub

Chapter 17 - Someone who forgets to do the ghusl of janaba until the month of Ramadan passes or part of it

Chapter 19 - Not to do qada of the month of Ramadan on a day in which one entered morning in janaba

Chapter 20 - Voluntary fasting and intentionally remaining in janaba past fajr

Chapter 21 - Qada for the fast for the woman who became pure from her menstruation at night but delayed doing ghusl past fair

Chapter 23 - Accidentally swallowing water while doing the mouth-rinsing for the wudu

Chapter 24 - Pouring medicine in the ear while fasting

Chapter 25 - Applying kohl while fasting

Chapter 26 - Cupping another, being treated by cupping, and causing the mouth to bleed while fasting

Chapter 27 - Entering the hammam while fasting

Chapter 28 - Using the miswak to brush one's teeth while fasting

Chapter 29 - Vomiting while fasting

Chapter 30 - Reflux that raises up food from the stomach without it being vomit

Chapter 31 -  The dislike of the faster swallowing his saliva after the mouth-rinsing (al-madmada) until he spits three times, and one time suffices

Chapter 32 - Smelling sweet basil, musk, and perfume, and anointing with them while fasting

Chapter 33 - Kissing and physical contact while fasting

Chapter 34 - Sucking the tongue of another and transferring of saliva while fasting

Chapter 35 - The non-invalidation of the fast by the nocturnal emission in it by day, and the dislike of sleeping until one does ghusl, while it is not forbidden

Chapter 36 - Chewing mastic while fasting

Chapter 37 - The fasting person tasting food and drink, and conveying food and drink in his mouth without swallowing

Chapter 38 - The fasting person chewing food for the child and for the bird

Chapter 39 - The non-invalidation of the fast by swallowing one’s saliva, or by flies entering one's throat

Chapter 40 - Permissibility of the fasting person sucking on the ring, but not to suck on the date-stone

Chapter 41 - Permissibility of the fasting person tweezing his armpit

Chapter 42 - The obligatoriness of the faster refraining from eating and drinking and the rest of the muftirat from the rising of the second fajr that transverses (across the horizon), and that the refraining (al-imsak) is obligatory with its verification or hearing the adhan of the accustomed-to reliable person for the adhan after it

Chapter 48 - When two men differ over the onset of fair

Chapter 49 - Permissibility of eating until one is certain of the onset of fajr

Chapter 50 - Obligation of qada for one who broke their fast prematurely due to dark clouds covering the sun