Rules of the month of Ramadan

أبواب أحكام شهر رمضان

Chapters of the Rules of the Month of Ramadan

Chapter 1 - Obligation of its fast

Chapter 2 - The punishment of someone who breaks his fast in the month of Ramadan considering it to be halal

Chapter 3 - Sign of the start of the month is the sighting of the crescent

Chapter 4 - Obligation of someone who is alone in sighting the crescent

Chapter 5 - Whether the month can be twenty nine or thirty days or whether it is always complete

Chapter 6 - When witnesses testify to having seen the crescent prior on the thirtieth

Chapter 7 - One who is captured, not knowing when the month is

Chapter 8 - Sighting the crescent during the daytime

Chapter 9 - Seeing the crescent after twilight, when it is circled, its obscurity from the East, and seeing the shadow of one’s head

Chapter 10 - Fasting on the fifth day (of the week) after the day of the previous year, and sixty days after the crescent of Rajab

Chapter 11 - Acceptable testimony for the sighting of the crescent

Chapter 12 - When the sighting of the crescent is widely reported

Chapter 13 - Perpetual failure and confusion of the misguided Umma with regards to the fast and `Eids

Chapter 14 - When twenty eight days have passed and the crescent is sighted

Chapter 16 - Not to fast the day of doubt with the intention of its being from the month of Ramadan

Chapter 17 - The month of Ramadan is the springtime of the Quran

Chapter 18 - Emphasis on striving in worship during the month

Chapter 19 - Dislike of saying Ramadan without appending "the month of"

Chapter 20 - Du`as upon seeing the crescent

Chapter 21 - Du`as said during the month

Chapter 22 - Whether someone who accepts Islam within the month of Ramadan must fast the days that have passed of it

Chapter 23 - If one dies in the month of Ramadan or while one has prior qada left of it on oneself, whether someone does its qada and who that is

Chapter 25 - The ruling of someone who still has qada from the previous month of Ramadan upon them and the next month of Ramadan reaches him

Chapter 26 - Separating out or consecutively fasting the qada of the month of Ramadan

Chapter 27 - Fasting the qada of the month of Ramadan in whichever month of the year

Chapter 28 - Not to do voluntary fasts while one has qada upon oneself from the month of Ramadan

Chapter 29 - If one breaks their fast while fasting a qada from the month of Ramadan

Chapter 30 - Recommendation to have relations with one’s wife on the first night

Chapter 31 - Virtue of the night of Qadr and striving with worship in it

Chapter 32 - When to observe the night of Qadr

Chapter 33 - Reciting sura al-`Ankabut and ar-Rum on the twenty third night, and sura al-Qadr a thousand times

Chapter 35 - Virtue of Jum`a in the month of Ramadan