Those from whom fasting is sound

أبواب من يصح منه الصوم

Chapters on Those from Whom the Fast is Sound

Chapter 1 - Prohibition of fasting while traveling

Chapter 2 - If one fasts while in travel while knowing of its breaking the fast, and if one is ignorant of that

Chapter 3 -  Dislike of travel in the month of Ramadan until the twenty third night from it passes or due to a justified reason

Chapter 4 - Obligation of shortening salat due to travel and breaking the fast are together

Chapter 5 - Conditionality for breaking the fast by intending to travel from the nighttime or by going out prior to the declension of the sun

Chapter 6 - Permissibility of the traveler breaking his fast even if he knows that he will arrive prior to the declension of the sun, and the permissibility of his fasting likewise

Chapter 7 - Recommendation to refrain for the remainder of the day when one has arrived from a journey and had already broken one’s fast earlier

Chapter 8 - A traveler is not to do a qada fast until he has returned or has resolved upon a residence of ten days

Chapter 9 - That one cannot carry out a fast of atonement while in travel

Chapter 10 - Whether one is to fast a vowed fast while in travel

Chapter 11 - No fasting in travel save for the three days in the hajj

Chapter 13 - Whether the traveler can have intercourse by day in the month of Ramadan

Chapter 14 - Qada of the fasts missed in travel being obligatory, but not the completion of the prayers that were shortened

Chapter 15 - Dropping of the obligatory fast from the elderly who are too weak to fast and those afflicted with severe thirst, and the ransom thereof

Chapter 16 - Taking a drink due to severe thirst

Chapter 17 - Permissibility of breaking the fast for the pregnant woman near to delivery and the breastfeeding woman who has little milk

Chapter 18 - Breaking the fast due to illness

Chapter 19 - Breaking the fast due to ailment of the eyes

Chapter 20 - Bound of illness at which one does not fast

Chapter 21 - Doing qada of the three days of recommended fasting of every month

Chapter 22 - Whether the qada must be done if one fasted while one was sick

Chapter 23 - Recommendation to refrain for the remainder of the day when the sick person becomes healthy during it after having broken their fast earlier

Chapter 24 - Whether a person who was unconscious during the time of fasting does its qada afterwards

Chapter 25 - Whenever a woman begins to menstruate during the day her fast is thus broken

Chapter 27 - Fasting for the woman who has irregular bleeding (istihada)

Chapter 28 - The virtue of refraining for the rest of the day when the menstruation of the woman began during it or she became pure of it

Chapter 29 - At what age children begin fasting and to what extent they fast

Chapter 30 - If a person forgets to do the ghusl of janaba in the month of Ramadan until some of its days pass by or all of it