أبواب أحكام العشرة في السفر والحضر

Chapters on the rules of fellowship in travel and residence

(from the Book of Hajj)

Chapter 5 - The extolling and respecting of one's companions

Chapter 27 - The forbiddance of social intercourse with the people of innovation (ahl al-bida`) and their companionship

Chapter 49 - Not to give salam to a non-Muslim, and how to reply if they do so first

Chapter 64 - Sending benedictions upon Muhammad and his family at sneezing, or at slaughtering, or at sexual intercourse

Chapter 65 - Permissibility of benediction for the dhimmi when he sneezes and du`a for guidance and mercy for him

Chapter 84 - Smiling in the face of the believer

Chapter 99 - Not to burn a page on which there is written a name of Allah