Forbidden and disliked foods

Chapter 4 - Domestic donkeys

Chapter 5 - Horses and mules

Chapter 8 - Fish that does not have scales, and the ruling of the skink

Chapter 9 - The eel, the moray eel, and the zimmeer

Chapter 10 - The kan`at (narrow-barred Spanish mackerel)

Chapter 11 - The forbiddance of the zahw

Chapter 12 - The ribbitha

Chapter 31 - What is forbidden from the slaughtered animal, and what is disliked from it

Chapter 33 - What is not forbidden to make use of from the mayta (dead animal), and what is not najis from it

Chapter 42 - Lions

Chapter 50 - Buffalos

Chapter 51 - Grains and vegetables and the like which are in the hands of the people of the Book, and purchasing it, and eating it with them

Chapter 52 - Eating with the kuffar in a single vessel when they have made the food najis

Chapter 53 - Eating with the kuffar when there is an absence of their making the food najis

Chapter 54 - Eating in the vessels of the kuffar when there is the knowledge of their having made it najis

Chapter 64 - Ruling of cooking butter and cheese, and other foods where the halal and haram may be mixed when its status is unknown

Chapter 65 - Working with pig’s hair