Chapter 1 - Lawfulness of what the trained hunting dog catches when it has killed it

Chapter 2 - If the hunting dog has eaten part of what it caught

Chapter 3 - No hunting animal's kill other than that of hunting dogs is allowed to be eaten

Chapter 4 - Reaching the animal before it has died

Chapter 5 - If an unknown or untrained dog participates in the hunt with the trained hunting dog

Chapter 6 - The hunt of the cheetah, the crow, and the lion

Chapter 7 - Not to eat the kill of untrained dogs, unless they are trained at the time of being sent

Chapter 8 - Leaving the dog to kill the prey when one does not have a knife with which to slaughter the animal

Chapter 10 - Kurdish dogs, and dark black dogs

Chapter 11 - When a dog hunts without having been sent out

Chapter 12 - Obligation to pronounce the name of Allah when sending the dog otherwise its hunt is not lawful, unless one had forgotten to do so

Chapter 13 - None but the one who sent the dog can pronounce the name of Allah for the hunt

Chapter 14 - If the dog become hidden from view and then one finds the prey dead

Chapter 15 - Using a dog of the Zoroastrians when a Muslim has trained it

Chapter 16 - Hunting with weapons such as swords, spears, and arrows

Chapter 17 - If the group cut up the animal hunted by a weapon prior to its death

Chapter 18 - If someone shoots a hunted animal and then finds it dead after it had disappeared from him

Chapter 19 - If one finds a dead hunted animal with an arrow in it but its hunter is not known

Chapter 20 - If someone shoots an animal and the arrow pierces and exits out from the other side killing it

Chapter 21 - Not to shoot the hunted animal with something larger than it

Chapter 44 - Unlawfulness of hunting the pigeons of the Haram in Mecca

Chapter 45 - Fine for killing the hunting dog, and the permissibility of selling it