Slaughtered animals

أبواب الذبائح

Chapters on the Slaughtered Animals

Chapter 1 - Islamic slaughter is only to be done by iron

Chapter 2 - Permission to use other materials for slaughtering when iron is not found

Chapter 3 - Method of slaughter and summary of rules

Chapter 9 - If the head is cut off unintentionally during the slaughter

Chapter 10 - Permission to kill the animal with a weapon under certain circumstances

Chapter 15 - Stipulation that the name of Allah must be pronounced over the animal at the slaughter, and the rule if it had been forgotten unintentionally

Chapter 16 - The sufficiency of doing tasbih, takbir, tahlil, and tahmid for the pronouncing of the name of Allah at the slaughter

Chapter 18 - Slaughter of the embryo is the slaughter of its mother when it is complete

Chapter 19 - Prohibited methods of slaughter

Chapter 20 - Dislike of slaughtering and the spilling of blood on the day of Jum`a before the salat

Chapter 26 - None but a Muslim to be trusted with the slaughter

Chapter 27 - Slaughtered animals of the non-Muslims from the People of the Book and Zoroastrians

Chapter 28 - Status of the slaughtered animals of other sects

Chapter 29 - Purchasing meat from the Muslim market, and not to inquire about its slaughter

Chapter 30 - Cutting off a part from a live animal

Chapter 32 - Catch of fish by non-Muslims

Chapter 33 - If a fish that is caught then dies in the water

Chapter 34 - If a fish that came out of the water and died

Chapter 36 - If another fish is found in the stomach of the fish one has caught

Chapter 38 - What is found of leather, meat and the like so long as it is not known to be carrion

Chapter 39 - If one’s riding animal becomes refractory in the land of the enemy

Chapter 40 - Dislike of slaughtering an animal that one has raised

Chapter 41 - Desirability of the slaughtering of what is slaughtered, and the feeding of the people

Chapter 42 - Not to blow in the meat