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أبواب حد المرتد

Chapters on the Hadd of the Apostate

Chapter 1 - Summary of rules of the apostate

Chapter 2 - A child from a mixed marriage choosing shirk over Islam

Chapter 3 - Ruling of a convert who apostates

Chapter 4 - Ruling of the female apostate

Chapter 5 - Ruling of the heretic and of the hypocrite

Chapter 6 - Ruling of the ghulat and the qadariyya

Chapter 7 - Ruling of someone who reviles the Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله or falsely claims prophethood

Chapter 8 - Ruling of the runaway slave and of the apostate who steals

Chapter 9 - Ruling of someone who prays to an idol

Chapter 10 - Aggregate of what establishes kufr and apostasy