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Miscellaneous hudud and ta`zirat

أبواب بقية الحدود والتعزيرات

Chapters on the Remaining Hudud and Ta`zirat

Chapter 1 - The hadd of the sorcerer is execution

Chapter 2 - The ta`zir of one who asks by the face of Allah

Chapter 3 - Establishment of sorcery by the testimony of two just witnesses, and the forbiddance of learning it

Chapter 4 - Storytelling in the mosque

Chapter 5 - Who is imprisoned

Chapter 6 - Someone who intentionally has a hadath in the Sacred Mosque, and in the Ka`ba

Chapter 7 - The punishment for consuming pork or preparing it, and blood, carrion, and usury

Chapter 8 - Corporal punishment of a child and a slave

Chapter 9 - The punishment of shoving someone until they fall on their hands

Chapter 10 - The number of lashes in administering the ta`zir

Chapter 12 - A man having intercourse with his wife while they are fasting