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Jihad of the sword

Chapter 5 - Types of jihad

Chapter 11 - Method of the calling to Islam

Chapter 12 - Conditioning of the obligation of jihad by the command of the Imam and his permission, and the forbiddance of jihad with other than the just Imam

Chapter 13 - Not to rise with the sword before the rise of the Qa’im

Chapter 16 - War by casting poison, burning with fire, flooding with water, and hurling with the catapult, and the ruling of the ones who are killed thereby of the Muslims and other non-combatants

Chapter 18 - Who it is not permissible to kill in war and who the jizya is lifted from

Chapter 21 - Fighting in the sacred months

Chapter 23 - Rules regarding prisoners of war

Chapter 24 - When two parties of Muslims are fighting each other

Chapter 36 -  No ta`arrub after the Hijra, and living in the land of shirk

Chapter 37 - Sharing the spoils with another party that attaches to the first

Chapter 38 - Shares of the cavalryman

Chapter 44 - Ruling of the slaves of the people of shirk, and the ruling of the messengers and the hostages

Chapter 58 - Virtue of archery