أبواب صفات القاضي ، وما يجوز ان يقضي به

Chapters on the attributes of the qadi,and what is permissible for him to judge by

Chapter 1 -  Correct faith and justice being mandatory for the judge and the invalidity of referring to the judges of oppression

Chapter 2 - Women are unfit to be judges

Chapter 3
 - Impermissibility of anyone to judge except for the Imam or someone who narrates the ruling of the Imam and judges by it

Chapter 4 - The impermissibility of judgment and issuing fatwa without knowledge of the arrival of the ruling from the Ma`sumeen عليهم السلام

Chapter 5 - The forbiddance of ruling by other than the Book and the Sunna, and the obligatoriness of repealing the ruling with the appearance of error

Chapter 6 - The impermissibility of adjudicating and ruling by opinion, ijtihad, qiyas, and their like from the speculative deductions of the religious rulings in themselves

Chapter 7 - Obligation of referring to the Ma`sumeen عليهم السلام in all rulings

Chapter 8 - Obligation of acting by the sound ahadith and the virtue of preserving and narrating them

Chapter 10 - The impermissibility of taqlid to other than the Ma`sum عليه السلام in what he says by his opinion, and in what he does not act in by a textual ordinance from them عليهم السلام

Chapter 11 - The obligatoriness of referring to the narrators of the hadiths from the Shi`a in regards to judgment and fatwa, in what they narrate of it from the Imams عليهم السلام of the rulings of the Shari`a, not in what they say of it by their opinion

Chapter 13 - Impermissiblity of deriving rulings from the apparent level of the Quran without the knowledge of its tafsir from the Imams عليهم السلام

Chapter 14 - The impermissibility of deducing rulings from the apparent level of the speech of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله that is narrated from other than the direction of the Imams  عليهم السلام whose explanation is not known from them