أبواب أحكام الاولاد

Chapters on the Rules of Children

Chapter 1 - Desirability of wanting children and having many children

Chapter 4 - Desirability of seeking daughters and honoring them

Chapter 21 - Desirability of naming the child prior to his being born, otherwise after birth, even the miscarried fetus, and (the gender) is unclear then by a name that is shared between the male and the female

Chapter 23 - Desirability of naming by the names of the prophets and Imams عليهم السلام and by what indicates upon servitude even `Abd ar-Rahman

Chapter 26 - Desirability of naming by Ahmad, al-Hasan, al-Husayn, Ja`far, Talib, `Abdullah, Hamza and Fatima

Chapter 28 - Dislike of naming by al-Hakam, Hakeem, Khalid, Malik, Harith, Yaseen, Dirar, Murra, Harb, Zhalim, Durays and the names of the enemies of the Imams عليهم السلام

Chapter 29 - Dislike of the kunya being Abu Murra, Abu `Isa, Abu ‘l-Hakam, or Abu Malik, or Abu ‘l-Qasim when the name is Muhammad

Chapter 51 - Piercing the ears of boys

Chapter 52 - Circumcising boys

Chapter 54 - Desirability of circumcision being on the seventh day (after birth) and the permissibility of delaying it until close to bulugh

Chapter 55 - Whoever left off circumcision it is obligatory upon him after bulugh, even if after old-age, even if he had been a kafir them became Muslim

Chapter 56 - Obligatoriness of circumcision (al-khitan) upon men and the non-obligatoriness of circumcision  (al-khafd) upon women

Chapter 58 - Desirability of circumcising the girl and its etiquette

Chapter 66 - Dislike of shaving a place of the head of the infant and leaving another place from it

Chapter 74 - Bound in which children are commanded to do salat and to combine between two prayers, and the bound in which they are separated between them in the beds, and between them and women

Chapter 84 - Desirability of teaching children the hadith in their youth prior to them looking in the lore of the `Aamma