أبواب المتعة 

Chapters on Mut`a

Chapter 1 - The lawfulness of mut`a

Chapter 2 - Desirability of mut`a and what is befitting to intend by doing it

Chapter 3 - Desirability of doing mut`a even if one has vowed not to

Chapter 4 - Doing mut`a with more than four women

Chapter 5 - Dislike of mut`a when one is free of need from it and it involves abomination or the corruption of the women

Chapter 6 - Choosing the trustworthy chaste woman for mut`a
Chapter 7 - Choosing the believing Shi`a woman for mut`a and the permission to do mut`a with other than her

Chapter 8 - Not to do mut`a with the fornicatress who is famous with fornication, and the forbiddance of doing mut`a with someone a woman who was divorced upon other than the Sunna

Chapter 9 - Non-forbiddance of doing mut`a with a fornicatress even if she persists in it

Chapter 10 - Giving credence to the woman in regards to her not being married

Chapter 11 - Doing mut`a with a virgin

Chapter 12 - Age of the girl and mut`a

Chapter 13 - Doing mut`a with a Kitabi woman

Chapter 14 - A man doing mut`a with a woman’s slave-girl

Chapter 15 - Doing mut`a with another man’s slave-girl with his permission

Chapter 17 - The necessity of specifying the duration and the mahr in mut`a

Chapter 18 - Formula for the contracting of mut`a

Chapter 19 - Status of stipulations made prior to the contracting of the mut`a

Chapter 20 - Necessity of specifying a duration for the mut`a, or else it becomes a permanent marriage

Chapter 21 - Least amount for the mahr and the bound of the duration

Chapter 22 - Duration of the `idda for mut`a

Chapter 23 - There being no `idda between a couple if they wish to have another mut`a, while there is an `idda for other men

Chapter 24 - If one wants to extend the original term length prior to its expiration

Chapter 25 - Least amount of time for the term in mut`a

Chapter 26 - Repeating mut`a with the same woman

Chapter 27 - Withholding a portion of the mahr if the woman has not fulfilled in the terms of the stipulation

Chapter 28 - If after contracting the mut`a, the man discovers that the woman already has a husband

Chapter 29 - No revocation and return (ruju`) for the man after granting back the remainder of the time to the woman

Chapter 30 - If the woman absolves the man of the mahr, and if the man gives back the remaining time prior to having intercourse

Chapter 31 - Witnesses and the contracting of mut`a

Chapter 32 - Inheritance between husband and wife and mut`a

Chapter 33 - Attribution of the child born of mut`a

Chapter 34 - Permissibility of `azl (withdrawal, coitus interruptus)

Chapter 35 - If a man married a woman for an unspecified month

Chapter 36 - Stipulating about not having full intercourse

Chapter 37 - Doing mut`a with the Hashimi woman and the Qurayshi woman

Chapter 38 - When the woman has confessed to fornicating just prior to the mut`a by an hour or a day

Chapter 39 - If a man had intended to do mut`a but forgot the contract until he had intercourse with her

Chapter 40 - A man doing mut`a with a woman upon his valuation

Chapter 41 - If a man does mut`a with a woman and her family then marries her off to another man while still contracted to the first

Chapter 43 - The ending of the stipulated term is the termination of the marriage without there being a divorce

Chapter 45 - No maintenance and no distribution in mut`a and no `idda upon the man

Chapter 46 - That the man cannot do mut`a with a slave woman when he is able to marry a freewoman