ابواب مقدمات النكاح وآدابه 

Chapters on the Preliminaries of Marriage and its Etiquettes

Chapter 1 - Virtue of marriage

Chapter 2 - Dislike of bachelorhood and the abandonment of marriage

Chapter 3 - Desirability of the love of women

Chapter 4 - Against immoderation in the love of women, and its danger

Chapter 5 - Choosing a slave-girl in whom one has affection and who has intellect and refinement

Chapter 8 - Desirability of marrying the women of Quraysh

Chapter 9 - Choosing the righteous obedient wife, guarding of herself and the wealth of her husband

Chapter 10 - Not to let fear of poverty prevent one from marrying

Chapter 11 - Desirability of marriage even if one is poor

Chapter 12 - Virtue of getting a bachelor married

Chapter 13 - Carefully choosing a wife of good origin and praiseworthy qualities, and marrying amongst one’s equals

Chapter 14 - To marry a woman for religion and righteousness, not for her beauty and wealth

Chapter 15 - Dislike of marrying the barren woman

Chapter 16 - Desirability of marrying a fertile woman

Chapter 17 - Desirability of choosing virgin women for marriage

Chapter 18 - Desirability of marrying brown, wide-eyed, large buttocks'd, medium height women

Chapter 19 - Desirability of marrying sweet scented women with fleshly ankles

Chapter 20 - Desirability of marrying blue-eyed and white women

Chapter 21 - Desirability of marrying the beautiful woman of beautiful face and hair, and one who makes one laugh

Chapter 22 - Everyone has someone created who is compatible to their form

Chapter 23 - Hastening the marriage of one's daughter upon puberty, and the desire of women compared to that of men

Chapter 24 - Confining women to their homes or the homes of their husbands, segregated from the company of other men

Chapter 26 - Permissibility of the non-Hashimid man marrying the Hashimid woman, the non-Qurayshi man the Qurayshi woman, the non-Arab man the Arab woman, and so on

Chapter 27 - Permissibility of a person of noble lineage marrying someone who is considered to be of a lower ancestry than them

Chapter 28 - Who to marry one’s daughter to

Chapter 29 - Not to marry one's daughter to a wine drinker

Chapter 33 - Not to marry an idiot woman, while allowance for marrying an idiot man

Chapter 34 - Not to marry an insane woman, though intercourse with one’s slave-woman who is insane is allowed

Chapter 35 - The lawfulness of sexual relations via three ways: permanent marriage, mut`a, and ownership

Chapter 36 - Permissibility of looking at the woman one wants to marry

Chapter 37 - To marry at night

Chapter 38 - Dislike of marrying during a hot hour of the day

Chapter 39 - Not to have intercourse on the eve of Wednesday

Chapter 43 - Permissibility of contracting marriage without witnesses

Chapter 45 - Impermissibility of intercourse with a wife prior to her reaching nine years of age 

Chapter 46 - Dislike of marrying minors

Chapter 54 - Dislike of marriage while the moon is in Scorpio and in the muhaq of the month

Chapter 70 - Not to have intercourse after a nocturnal emission prior to doing ghusl from it, and when the sun yellows and when it rises while it is yellow

Chapter 71 - Not to abandon having intercourse with a wife

Chapter 72 - Against anal intercourse

Chapter 73 - Permissibility of anal intercourse

Chapter 74 - Not to wear a ring on which there is mention of Allah or something from the Quran during intercourse

Chapter 75 - Permissibility of `azl (withdrawal, coitus interruptus)

Chapter 76 - What is disliked of `azl and what is not disliked of it

Chapter 77 - Jealousy in men

Chapter 78 - Jealousy in women

Chapter 79 - The obligation of the wife’s making herself available to her husband, that she not leave the house without his permission, and summary of his rights over her

Chapter 81 - Obligation of the wife to strive to goodness in obedience to her husband

Chapter 82 - Impermissibility of either spouse wronging and hurting each other without right

Chapter 84 - Dislike of a woman abandoning marriage

Chapter 94 - Desirability of disobeying women and abandoning their obedience even regarding the good

Chapter 95 - The ruling of obeying the wife when she seeks to go out to the bathhouses, weddings,`eids, lamentations, and wearing fine clothing

Chapter 96 - Dislike of consulting women except with the intent of contradicting them

Chapter 106 - Talking with non-mahram women, and joking with them

Chapter 108 - Not to look at the posteriors of unrelated women

Chapter 109 - What is allowed to remain uncovered from the woman

Chapter 110 - The ruling of elderly women who no longer aspire to marriage

Chapter 112 - Permissibility of looking at the hair of the women of the people of dhimma (i.e. Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians) and their arms (or, their hands)

Chapter 113 - Permissibility of looking at the hair of the women of the Bedouin and rural people, and likewise the insane woman without doing so on purpose

Chapter 115 - Shaking hands with unrelated women

Chapter 126 - Veiling of girls upon the reaching of puberty

Chapter 130 - Women giving men medical treatment and the reverse

Chapter 132 - The dislike of women going out and mixing with men

Chapter 136 - The dislike of women going out for the two `Eids and the Jum`a except for the elderly woman

Chapter 137 - Tattooing

Chapter 157 - Importance of observing precaution in the rules of marriage