Prohibition by kufr

ابواب ما يحرم بالكفر ونحوه

Chapters on what is Forbidden by Kufr and its Like

Chapter 1 - Forbiddance of marriage to the kuffar, even the people of the Book

Chapter 2 - Permissibility of marrying the kitabi woman when it is out of necessity and one forbids her from drinking wine and eating pork

Chapter 3 - Permissibility of marrying the weak (mustad`af) kitabi woman

Chapter 4 - The ruling of marrying the dhimmi woman in mut`a

Chapter 5 - Permissibility of continuing marriage to the dhimmi woman when the husband accepts Islam, and the non-nullification of the `aqd

Chapter 6 - Zoroastrian women

Chapter 7 - Impermissibility marrying the Jewish woman and the Christian woman upon the Muslim woman (i.e. newly marrying one of the former when one already has a Muslim wife) and the permissibility of the reverse

Chapter 9 -  The rule of when a mushrik couple accepts Islam

Chapter 10 - Forbiddance of marrying the nasib to the mu’mina and the nasiba to the mu’min

Chapter 11 - Permissibility of marrying the mustad`afeen and the doubters (ash-shakkak) who show Islam, and the dislike of the mu’mina marrying from them

Chapter 12 - Permissibility of marrying the nasib out of exigency and taqiyya

Chapter 13 - Marrying hypocrites

Chapter 14 - Not to marry a muhajir woman to a Bedouin