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Adhan and iqama

أبواب الأذان والأقامة

Chapters on the Adhan and Iqama

Chapter 1 - Origin of the adhan and iqama

Chapter 3 - Permissibility of relying on the adhan in regards to the entrance of the time of prayer

Chapter 8
 - Impermissibility of calling the adhan prior to entrance of the time, except for in the morning so that it precedes a little and repeats after it, and if there are two different mu’adhdhins

Chapter 10 - Talking during and after the adhan and iqama

Chapter 13 - Standing, sitting, walking and riding and the adhan and iqama

Chapter 14 - Women calling the adhan and iqama

Chapter 15 - How its parts should be expressed

Chapter 17 - Desirability of the mu`adhdhin putting his two fingers in his ears

Chapter 19 - Method of the adhan and iqama, and the number of their parts, and a summary of their rules

Chapter 36 - Desirability of combining zhuhr and `asr at `Arafa and maghrib and `isha at Muzdalifa, with a single adhan and two iqama for each, and the permissibility of that in every two farida

Chapter 37 - Calling a single adhan for all qada prayers performed in succession, and an iqama for each

Chapter 47 - Calling the adhan while not facing the qibla