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Clothing in general

أبواب أحكام الملابس ولو في غير الصلاة 

Chapters on the Rules of Clothing Even Outside of Salat

Chapter 1 - Desirability of beautification and the dislike of feigned misery

Chapter 2 - Desirability of the display of bounty, and man being in the best of garb of his people, and the dislike of concealing bounty

Chapter 4 - Desirability of the Muslim sprucing himself up for his fellow Muslim and making himself look handsome

Chapter 9 - Permissibility of getting many clothes, and of its not being wastefulness (israf)

Chapter 13 - Men dressing like women and vice versa, and elders and youths

Chapter 15 - Desirability of wearing cotton

Chapter 30 - The virtue of wearing a turban and the manner to wear it

Chapter 45 - Desirability of wearing a ring and its non-obligatoriness

Chapter 46 - Desirability of wearing a silver ring, and the forbiddance of gold for men and the dislike of iron, copper, and everything apart from silver

Chapter 47 - The stone of the ring of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله having been round and black

Chapter 48 - Permissibility of wearing a ring on the left hand and the right hand

Chapter 49 - Wearing a ring on the right hand

Chapter 50 - Desirability of making the rings reach the end of the fingers

Chapter 51 - Wearing a ring with `aqeeq

Chapter 52 - Wearing a ring with red `aqeeq, yellow `aqeeq, and white `aqeeq

Chapter 53 - Various benefits of wearing a ring with `aqeeq

Chapter 54 - Wearing a ring with yaqut

Chapter 55 - Wearing a ring with emerald

Chapter 56 - Wearing a ring with turquoise

Chapter 57 - Wearing a ring with Yemeni onyx

Chapter 58 - Wearing a ring with rock crystal

Chapter 59 - Not to wear a ring on the index and middle fingers, and not leave the little finger without one

Chapter 60 - Inscriptions of other than one’s name and father’s name on the ring are not disliked

Chapter 61 - Impermissibility of shifting the ring to remember one’s need

Chapter 62 - Inscribing the ring and what is befitting to write upon it

Chapter 63 - Permissibility of the adornment of women and children prior to bulugh with gold and silver (jewelry)