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Clothing in salat

أبواب لباس المصلي

 Chapters on the Clothing of the Praying Person

Chatper 1 - The impermissibility of salat in the hide of the dead (animal) even if it is tanned

Chapter 2 - The permissibility of salat in the fur, hides, wool, hair (ash-sha`r), soft-hair (al-wabar), and their like, when it is from (an animal) whose meat is eaten with the condition of it being made dhaki (slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law) in regards to the hides (i.e. leather), and the impermissibility of salat in anything of that when it is from (animal) whose meat is not eaten, even if it is dhaki, and the permissibility of salat in all that is from the plants of the Earth

Chapter 3 - Praying in clothing made from the wild donkey and squirrel

Chapter 4 - Praying in clothing made from the sable and foxes

Chapter 5 - Permissibility of wearing and riding on the hides of animals whose meat is forbidden so long as one does not pray in it

Chapter 6 - Not to pray in the hides of predatory and scavenger animals

Chapter 7 - Praying in clothing made from the hides of foxes and rabbits

Chapter 8 - Praying in clothing made from khazz

Chapter 9 - Praying in clothing made from khazz mixed with rabbit hair and what is similar to it

Chapter 19 - Dislike of wearing black except in the khuff, the turban and the cloak, and the disappearance of the dislike with taqiyya, and the impermissibility of resembling the enemies in clothing and otherwise

Chapter 20 - Dislike of salat in the black cap and other than it from the black clothing apart from what has been excepted

Chapter 26 - Dislike of leaving off tahannuk while putting on a turban, and while striving for a need, and while departing for travel

Chapter 29 - Non-obligatoriness of the slave girl covering her head in salat, and likewise the not yet mature freewoman, and the umm al-walad, the mudabbara, and the stipulated mukataba

Chapter 30 - Prohibition of men wearing gold, in salat or outside of it, and the permissibility of that for women, and a sum of prohibitions
Chaper 32 - The dislike of salat in embossed iron due to other than necessity, and in a copper ring or an iron one other than the Chinese (hematite?), and in the khumahan (hematite?) ring

Chapter 33 - The non-obligatoriness of the woman covering her face in salat, rather it is desirable for her to uncover it

Chapter 43 - The desirability of perfuming for salat with musk and other than it

Chapter 58 - The dislike of the salat of the woman without jewelry

Chapter 62 - Women and children wearing anklets

Chapter 63 - Desirability of increase of clothing in salat

Chapter 64 - Desirability of the turban and trousers in the state of salat