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أبواب صلاة الجماعة

Chapters on the Jama`a (congregational) Salat

Chapter 1 - Emphasis of its recommendation in the fara’id, and the absence of its obligation in what is other than the jum`a and the two `eids

Chapter 10 - Stipulation of the imam of the jama`a being a believer loyal to the Imams, and the impermissibility of emulating the opponent in the sound foundational beliefs except in taqiyya

Chapter 12 - Impermissibility of emulating the unknown person

Chapter 30 - Obligation of the follower carrying out all of the wajibat of the salat except for the recitation (al-qira’at) when the imam is (someone who is) acceptable (i.e. that you are allowed to pray behind as a follower in jama`a)

Chapter 31 - I
mpermissibility of the recitation of the follower behind the one whom he is following in the (salat which is) recited aloud (al-jahriyya), and the obligation of listening to his recitation, except for when he is not heard, not even a murmuring, so then the recitation is recommended for him, and it is disliked in (situations) other than it.

Chapter 32 - Desirability of the follower’s doing tasbih, and his du`a, and his dhikr, and his prayer upon Muhammad and his family, when he does not hear the recitation of the imam, and the non-obligatoriness of that, and the dislike of his being silent.

Chapter 51 - The imam continuing to sit after his taslim until those behind him have all finished their prayers

Chapter 52 - Desirability of the imam making whoever is behind him hear the qira’ah, the tashahhud, the adhkar (pl. dhikr) and all of what he says in such a manner that it does not reach (excessive) loudness, and the dislike of the follower making the imam hear anything