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Place of salat

أبواب مكان المصلي

Chapters on the Place of Salat

Chapter 1 - The earth has been made a place of prostration for prayer

Chapter 9 - Non-invalidation of the salat of a man and a group by a woman starting to pray in front of him

Chapter 13 - Permissibility of the obligatory salat and other than it in the synagogues and churches, even if its people are praying in it, and the desirability of sprinkling the place (with water), and the obligatoriness of facing the qibla

Chapter 16 -  Dislike of salat in a house wherein there is a Zoroastrian (Majusi), as opposed the Jew and the Christian

Chapter 21 - Dislike of salat in a house wherein there is wine or an intoxicant

Chapter 26 - Not to take graves, including the grave of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وآله, as a qibla or as a masjid

Chapter 27 - Dislike of salat while an open Quran is in front of oneself, or while looking at an engraved ring or a book

Chapter 32 - Not to pray facing an image

Chapter 33 - Dislike of salat in a house (in which there is) a dog or a statue or a vessel that it urinated in, or in a home in which there is a dog unless it is a hunting dog and the door/gate is closed apart from it

Chapter 41 - Dislike of the person praying facing the sword