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أبواب اعداد الفرائض ونوافلها وما يناسبها

Chapters on the numbers of the obligations (al-fara'id) and its supererogatory (an-nawafil) and what befits it

Chapter 1 - The obligation of the salat

Chapter 2 - The obligation of the five prayers in every day and non-obligation of a sixth

Chapter 3 - At what age children are commanded to begin praying their salat

Chapter 4 - Desirability of commanding the children to combine between the two salat, and separating between the children in the rows when in jama`a

Chapter 5 - Observance of the middle salat (as-salat al-wusta) and its specification

Chapter 6 - Not to take the salat lightly and disregard it

Chapter 7 - Not to squander the salat and to guard over it

Chapter 8 - Obligation of completing the salat properly

Chapter 9 - Dislike of lightening the salat

Chapter 10 - Virtue of salat over other acts of worship

Chapter 11 - Establishment of kufr and apostasy by the abandonment of the obligatory salat by denial of it or by belittlement of it

Chapter 12 - Virtue of commencing with voluntary salat

Chapter 13 - Number of daily obligatory and nawafil prayers

Chapter 14 - Permissibility of limiting the nafila of `asr to six rak`at or four, two rak`at for maghrib, and leaving off the nafila of `isha

Chapter 15 - Separating the nawafil by a taslim between every two rak`at, and the permissibility of talking between the shaf` and the witr, and waking the sleeper, eating and drinking, intercourse and carrying out one’s need

Chapter 16 - Permissibility of leaving off the nawafil

Chapter 17 - The emphasis on the persistence upon the nawafil and performing the salat attentively and with one’s heart

Chapter 18 - Desirability of doing the qada of the nawafil one has missed, or if one is unable then to give charity in place of them

Chapter 19 - When one does not know how many nawafil are upon him to do qada of

Chapter 20 - Desirability of doing the qada of the nawafil one has missed due to illness, but the non-emphasis upon it in that case

Chapter 21 - Dropping of the nawafil of the daytime in travel

Chapter 22 - Doing qada of the nawafil of the day at night in travel

Chapter 23 - Desirability of praying the nafila of the zhuhrayn in travel for someone who left for travel after the onset of their time

Chapter 24 - Desirability of persistence upon the nafila of maghrib, even in travel

Chapter 25 - Desirability of persistence upon the salat of the night and the witr, even in travel

Chapter 26 - Desirability of doing qada of the nawafil of the night when they have elapsed in travel, even by day

Chapter 27 - That there is no nafila prior to `isha that is associated with `isha

Chapter 28 - Desirability of persistence upon the nafila of zhuhr

Chapter 29 - Desirability of persistence upon the nafila of `isha

Chapter 30 - Desirability of praying a thousand rak`at in every day and night

Chapter 31 - Non-desirability of the salat of duha (morning time after fajr and before zhuhr), and the absence of its legitimacy

Chapter 32 - Desirability of praying much nawafil

Chapter 33 - Emphasis on persisting upon the nafila of fajr