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Chapter 1 - Obligation of facing the qibla in the salat

Chapter 2 - The Ka`ba being the qibla for prayer, and the history of the qibla

Chapter 3 - The Ka`ba is the qibla for the Mosque, the Mosque is the qibla for the Sanctuary, and the Sanctuary is the qibla for the world

Chapter 4 - Veering to the left of the qibla

Chapter 5 - Using the pole star, Polaris, to determine the qibla

Chapter 6 - Striving with one’s view when one does not know the direction of the qibla

Chapter 7 - The blind person being directed to the qibla

Chapter 8 - What to do when one is confused about the direction of the qibla

Chapter 9 - Invalidation of the salat by not praying toward the qibla

Chapter 10 - Someone who prayed thinking they were facing the qibla, and then comes to know they were not

Chapter 11 - When the prayer is to be repeated if one prayed in the wrong direction and when it is not

Chapter 12 - Spitting, sexual intercourse, urine and defecation, and the qibla

Chapter 13 - Praying on a boat

Chapter 14 - When and what salat is permitted while on a riding animal

Chapter 15 - How to pray while on a riding animal

Chapter 16 - Praying while walking

Chapter 17 - Praying inside of the Ka`ba

Chapter 18 - Praying on a place that is located higher than the Ka`ba

Chapter 19 - Praying on the roof of the Ka`ba