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أبواب القيام

Chapters of Qiyam

Chapter 1 - Obligation for the healthy person capable of it to stand in the salat, and what the sick and infirm are to do in place of it

Chapter 3 - Leaning on one foot while in prayer due to the prolonged length of standing, and the ruling of standing on ones toes and on one foot

Chapter 4 - Sitting while the praying of the nafila

Chapter 5 - Counting a rak`a as a rak`a when praying the nafila while sitting, or two rak`at as a single rak`at

Chapter 16 - Virtue of looking to the place of sujud in the state of qiyam, and the dislike of raising the glance skyward and to the right and left

Chapter 17 - Position of the hands and feet for men while standing in the salat