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أبواب القنوت 

Chapters on the Qunut

Chapter 1 - The qunut is in every salat, whether obligatory or recommended

Chapter 2 - Emphasis of the qunut in prayers whose qira’a is recited audibly

Chapter 3 - The qunut being after the qira’a before the ruku` in the second rak`a

Chapter 4 - Non-obligation of the qunut and permissibility of dropping it out of taqiyya or otherwise

Chapter 5 - The qunut in the salat of the day of Jum`a

Chapter 6 - The minimal qunut

Chapter 7 - A number of transmitted (supplications)

Chapter 8 - Seeking forgiveness in the qunut of witr and supplicating in the qunut of the obligatory salat

Chapter 9 - Permissibility of supplicating by whatever befalls the tongue in the qunut

Chapter 10 - Seeking forgiveness of Allah in the qunut of the witr prayer

Chapter 11 - Raising the left hand in the witr while counting with right

Chapter 12 - Raising the hands in the qunut opposite the face

Chapter 13 - Supplicating in the qunut against the enemies and naming them

Chapter 14 - Mentioning the Imams عليهم السلام and naming them collectively in the qunut

Chapter 15 - If one forgets the qunut prior to ruku` and after it

Chapter 16 - Performing the qunut if it was forgotten and one has finished praying

Chapter 17 - If one enters into a congregational salat in the rak`a in which the imam is performing qunut

Chapter 18 - If one forgot to do the qunut until one does ruku`

Chapter 19 - All by which one prays to Allah in the salat is thus not extraneous speech that would void it

Chapter 20 - Permissibility of reciting aloud and quietly in the qunut

Chapter 21 - Desirability of reciting the qunut aloud

Chapter 22 - Desirability of prolonging the qunut