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أبواب الركوع

Chapters on Ruku`

Chapter 1 - Its method and a sum of its rules

Chapter 2 - Desirability of raising the hands with the takbir at the ruku and the sujud and raising (back up) from them

Chapter 3 - Obligatoriness of stillness in the ruku` and the sujud to the amount of the obligatory dhikr

Chapter 4 - Obligatoriness of the dhikr in the ruku` and the sujud and that a single tasbiha suffices, and that three and seven and more are recommended, and the invalidation of salat by purposely leaving off the dhikr

Chapter 5 - Emphasis of the desirability of tasbih thrice in the ruku` and the sujud, and the dislike of limiting to what is less than it

Chapter 7 - General dhikr suffices in the ruku` and the sujud

Chapter 17 - Desirability of the saying “sami`Allaahu li-man Hamidah” (Allah has heard the one who praised Him) with the standing up from the ruku`, and what is befitting to be said during that

Chapter 28 - Obligatoriness of bending in the ruku` until the hands reach the knees, and the desirability of placing them upon them, and beginning by placing the right (hand) upon the right (knee)