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Salat al-`Eid

أبواب صلاة العيد

Chapters on the Salat of `Eid

Chapter 1 - Its obligatoriness

Chapter 2 - The conditioning of the obligatoriness of the salat of the two `Eids by (there being) the congregation (bi’l-jama`a), so it is not obligatory (when done) individually and there is no qada for it

Chapter 3 - The desirability of the salat of the two `Eids (when done) individually, two rak`at, for whoever it passed by (i.e. missed it) with the jama`a

Chapter 4 - Ruling of someone who reaches the sermon but not the salat

Chapter 5 - How many rak`at to pray for the salat of `Eid when performed alone

Chapter 6 - Virtue of praying a salat of four rak`at after the salat of `Eid

Chapter 7 - No adhan or iqama for the salat of `Eid, and no salat before or after it

Chapter 8 - Salat of `Eid and travelers

Chapter 9 - If the crescent of Shawwal is established before the declension of the sun and after it

Chapter 10 - How the salat of `Eid is performed

Chapter 12 - Eating before going out to pray on day of Fitr, and eating after it from one’s sacrifice on the day of Adha

Chapter 14 - Perfuming, adornment, ghusl for `Eid, and praying alone for the one who missed the congregational salat

Chapter 27 - Not to travel after dawn on the day of `Eid until one has prayed the salat of `Eid

Chapter 28 - Women going out for the `Eid prayers

Chapter 29 - The time of the `Eid salat being after sunrise, and the sacrifice of Adha being after the prayer

Chapter 30 - Choice in listening to the sermon or departing after the salat

Chapter 31 - `Eid and the usurpation of the right of the Family of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وآله

Chapter 32 - Whether the qira’a is audibly recited in the salat of `Eid

Chapter 33 - Not to move the minbar to the place of the salat of `Eid, rather to construct something similar from clay for it

Chapter 35 - Virtue of holding vigil the night of `Eid

Chapter 36 - Taking a different route on returning from the salat of `Eid

Chapter 37 - `Eid al-Fitr being the day of awards

Chapter 38 - Similarity of `Eid al-Fitr to the resurrection

Chapter 39 - Conditionality of the obligatoriness of the salat of `Eid by the presence of five, one of them being the imam