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أبواب السجود

Chapters on the sujud

Chapter 1 - The desirability of the man putting the hands (on the ground) at the sujud prior to the knees, and raising the knees at the standing prior to the hands, and its non-obligatoriness

Chapter 2 - Desirability of du`a by the transmitted (supplications) in the sujud and between the two sajda, and the permissibility of reciting the dhikr audibly and inaudibly in it

Chapter 6 - Whether or not to sit in iq`aa (sitting with the buttocks resting upon the two heels) between the two sajdas and after them

Chapter 13 - It is recommended to say during the rising up from the sujud and from the tashahhud “bi-Hawlillaahi wa quwwatihi aqoomu wa aq`udu wa arka`u wa asjud” (by the power of Allah and His strength I rise and I sit and I bow and I prostrate) or to do takbir

Chapter 27 - T

he impermissibility of prostrating to other than Allah, and the rules of the sujud of recitation and the sajda of thankfulness