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What sujud is done upon

Chapter 1 - Sujud is only upon the earth or what grows from it except for what is eaten or worn

Chapter 2 - Not to do sujud upon carpets, cotton, hair, wool, feathers, or anything that is worn or eaten

Chapter 3 - Permissibility of sujud on a carpet or misH when in taqiyya

Chapter 4 - Doing sujud on the clothing or the back of the hand in a case of severe heat or cold

Chapter 5 - Permissibility of putting the hands on something other than the earth in sujud

Chapter 6 - Doing sujud on tar

Chapter 7 - Doing sujud on paper

Chapter 8 - Doing sujud upon something which the rest of the body is not upon, or when place of prostration is higher than the place of standing

Chapter 11 - Desirability of using a khumra for sujud

Chapter 12 - Doing sujud on glass, gold and silver

Chapter 13 - Doing sujud on herbage and pebbles

Chapter 14 - Doing sujud with one's turban, cap, or hair intervening between the forehead and ground

Chapter 15 - Doing sujud on a fan, a siwak, or a stick

Chapter 16 - Doing sujud upon soil or clay from the grave of al-Husayn عليه السلام

Chapter 17 - Virtue of sujud on the earth